Classroom Classics was created over 20 years ago by school teacher Sam Francis and record producer Cliff Maag so that children could learn important values and concepts through music. Since that time, their musical programs have been performed by millions of school children around the world. These performances have ranged in size from a single class of 20 students, to arenas filled with 7000 students, all singing together.

Currently, Classroom Classics has produced 18 musical programs. These programs are designed to be used as both a teaching tool in the classroom and for school performances. Songs are orchestrated by Emmy Award Winner Sam Cardon, movie composer Merrill Jensen, composers Brian Jensen and Greg Hansen, and/or Jerry Williams (orchestral director for Marie Osmond.) Each performance packet provides royalty free permission to be used in non-comerical, non-broadcast programs. They come complete with vocal models, minus tracks (orchestral accompaniment), lyrics, and a narration to tie the music together. For those not wishing to use the music for performance purposes, the music is available for purchase as a single CD.

Our goal is to teach, entertain and inspire children while providing an opportunity to sing with a full orchestral accompaniment. Many of the songs have been used on local and national network television, including ABC’s after school specials. They have been performed for two Presidents of the United States and used by the National PTA in their centennial celebration hosted by Bill Cosby. In February 2003, the Utah State Legislature voted to make our song “Utah…This Is The Place” the new official State Song of Utah. The United Nations also used the “We Can Save Our Planet” program at their world wide environmental summit held in Boulder Colorado.

Cliff Maag, owner of “The Record Lab” studio has been in the recording business for over thirty years and has contributed to many gold and platinum albums of today’s top recording stars. Song writer Sam Francis has taught school for the past thirty-five years and has used his experience as a teacher to incorporate the current curriculum into fun songs. Video producer and song writer Gary Francis has written and produced award winning songs currently being performed throughout the United States, Central America, South America and Japan. The Founders of Classroom Classics were honored with the “Champion of Liberty Award” given by America’s Freedom Foundation. They have also received over 15 other national awards from ASCAP for outstanding children’s music.